An Odyssey without Odysseus: Penelope, Athena, Nausicaa, Circe, Anticlea, the protagonists of this journey between sea and land, between fears and desires, monsters and beauty, violence and love, life and death, tell the adventures of Homer’s hero on stage.

Paolo Cognetti’s music is inspired by the so-called Baltic hypothesis, which shifts the setting of the story to the seas of northern Europe, and brings together, in an intercultural perspective, elements of Scandinavian musical tradition – e.g., Lille Lasse or the Kulning -, of the Mediterranean tradition – e.g., the frame drum, the tarantella – not forgetting contemporaneity, with cinematographic sounds, some references to EDM and the importance assigned to timbre as an expressive factor.



Daniela Vitale


Paolo Cognetti

Video Art

Sara D’Uva