Paolo describes C(Y|IR)CLES, IN CERCA DELLA A-DUALITÀ (C(Y|IR)CLES, IN SEARCH OF A-DUALITY) for accordion and orchestra – second prize in the 2017 edition of the “2 Agosto” International Composition Competition – as his “prayer, a search of the heart, a journey into eternity”.

The composition, a reflection on the Lord’s Prayer, read in the Latin version of the pertinent Gregorian chant together with Simone Weil’s interpretation of it in her “Concerning the Our Father” and Roberto Becheri’s suggestions in “In attesa dell’alba” (“Waiting for Dawn”), develops a complex network of symbols that continues the path begun with “Aurora” to define a space between Heaven (Nomen, Regnum, Voluntas) and Earth (Life, Death, Faith), the Horizon, which becomes possible only in the dimension of the Heart, from which everything starts and to which everything arrives.