I wrote this arrangement of BELLA CIAO for a Ukrainian pianist friend of mine, Genia Chudinovich: for us Italians, the original folk song is the anthem of the resistance movement by the partisans who opposed nazi-fascism during their fight against the occupying forces of Nazis. That’s why I chose April 25th, our liberation day, as the date for release.

But whereas the original song is epic and energetic, horrified by what’s happening, my version is sad and melancholic. I owe this perspective to a great Italian journalist: Francesca Mannocchi. I’ve been following her work as a war correspondent for quite a while, and she shows with such clarity how the resistance can be joyful only as an event buried in the past and focusing on the values that inspired it, but it is actually as devastating as the very war it opposes.

The final part of the track is a little more hopeful: after all, music, and art in general, is a creative act and, by definition, is the best antidote to war, which on the contrary is the destructive act par excellence.


Music composed, performed and produced by Paolo Cognetti

Digital distribution: DistroKid and Kanjian Music

Artwork: Paolo Cognetti