Arranging an electropop “vocoder” song with an adventurous spirit, putting together a classical ensemble made up of a string quintet and piano is the idea developed by Paolo for WINTER DAYS, the tenth track on the debut album of Mouth Water, a project that revolves around producer, author and friend Lawrence Fancelli, the Officina Sonora del Bigallo studio and the Through The Void label.


The album, which incorporates elements of lounge, rock and funk, was released on the 25th of October 2019 and boasts prestigious participations by Sabina Sciubba, lead singer of New York band Brazilian Girls, French producers Head On Television and Italian dance music legend Gianni Bini.


During Winter days I thrive in many ways
Through the haze
I know I’ll stay

Looking through the window as the seasons go
I don’t know
About the flow

Sparkling shiny rays of light upon the leaves
Mellow breeze
Across the trees

Views of cloudless skies impress my brownish eyes
Apple pies
Before sunrise


Arranged and produced by Paolo Cognetti

Music and Lyrics by Lawrence Fancelli

Mixed by Lawrence Fancelli at Officina Sonora del Bigallo 

Mastering by Alberto Cutolo atMassive Arts Studios 

Artwork: Lorenzo Banal

Label: Through The Void Llc

Published by Warner Chappell Music Italy

Vocals by Lawrence Fancelli

Piano by Paolo Cognetti

String Quintet:
First violin – Aurora Landucci
Second violin – Emma Lanza
Viola – Katia Moling
Cello – Anna Montemagni
Double bass – Pietro Horvath