DIE WITH ME, a heartfelt solo piano cover of the song of the same name by the New York gothic metal band Type O Negative from their 1996 album October Rust, is a tribute to their frontman (lead vocalist, bassist and composer) Peter Steele, who died before his time in 2010.

Type O Negative had a great influence on Paolo’s music: their theatricality, their love for sudden conclusions or changes or even their “musical jokes”, some chord progressions and melodic contours, became part of who he is today. In the score of the piece Paolo plays with October Rust’s credits, when he writes “de-composed and re-composed”, suggesting that it’s not a cover in a traditional way but a true reworking of the original song.

The Florentine composer and pianist makes the piece his own, modifying the structure, changing the sections’ functions, reinterpreting the themes, deleting and adding musical elements, but in doing so, he reveals how much he absorbed some characteristics of Type O Negative’s language and shows, in this tribute to Peter Steele’s memory, his deepest gratitude to the band.


Music composed and performed by Paolo Cognetti

Recording and Mix: Filippo Rossi and Lawrence Fancelli at Officina Sonora del Bigallo

Master: Niccolò Caldini

Digital distribution: Songtradr and Kanjian Music

Artwork: Rosaria Mottola