When you lose yourself it’s quite painful to reconnect to your deepest needs. In those moments a change of perspective may not only re-solve but, sometimes, even dis-solve complex problems and situations. Thus, finding the way to rejoin your Anima.

Paolo Cognetti’s new music video “Un altro sguardo” (Another perspective) was released on 31st May 2019: it’s his third single from the album for solo piano  Rinascita, produced by OSB Records – Officina Sonora del Bigallo and delivered digitally by Artist First.

The Video

The video, directed by Dario Ermeti, was entirely shot in Tuscany: in Cortona, in the Signorelli Theater, the Farneta Antiquarium and the majestic Girifalco Fortress, and in Colle Val d’Elsa at the Diborrato Falls. Paolo’s “dance of notes” evokes the path of a pure soul, wandering visibly restless, seeking an unknown destination. Although immersed in a fresh and enchanting forest, the candide creature walks beyond the places she belongs. And she moves through space and time, hesitating, but animated by irrepressible curiosity and hope. The process of the constant change of the self can be hard: sometimes you just need to look at the world with different eyes, experiencing the refreshment of another perspective.

Interesting Fact

The piano in the video was used by Maurice Ravel to compose his Boléro (1928).


Storyline: Paolo Cognetti
Director and Editor: Dario Ermeti
Executive Producer: Lawrence Fancelli
Actress: Camilla Natali
Fashion stylist (Paolo Cognetti): Erica Marigliani
Fashion stylist (Camilla Natali): Giada Innocenti
Photographer: Giovanna Focardi Nicita
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