The inspiring music video for my latest single for piano solo STRONGER, available in all digital stores, was conceived and directed by Alessandro Valori (Sbranzo) and Andrea Cresci, and it is about the importance of human connection and cooperation.

The power of human connection (and hugs)

At the beginning of the first lockdown in Italy, back in March 2020, I felt trapped: despite our culture tends to see people essentially as individuals, separate egos, free to relate to others or not, I do think we exist only as a relationship and process, and not being able to meet in person with my family and friends was undeniably frustrating. Music was how I embarked on a journey to a new inner balance and how I was able to reach out to people: I started composing what eventually became SPRING WILL COME and I shared all the pieces right away online with performances recorded on my piano at home. Music was my way out, what let me reconnect with my inner self and relate to the outside world during the lockdown, and ultimately what made my life richer, more intense, and meaningful.

The music video for STRONGER is a symbolic representation of this process: first, all the discouragement, the discomfort, and the distress of an unpleasant situation; then, thanks to the beautiful choreography and performance of the dancers Victoria Aletta and Gabriele Memoli, we see two characters looking for one another until, after a few failed attempts, they can finally meet (again) and enjoy a long-awaited hug.

The video was shot in the Wayout Studios, a photographic studio in the center of Firenze (Italy), and in the Tenuta Monaciano in the heart of Tuscany between the Chianti hills, an ancient manor house recently restored in its former glory and surrounded by secular trees and marble statues.



Directed by Alessandro Valori (Sbranzo)

Storyline by Andrea Cresci and Alessandro Valori (Sbranzo)

Dancers: Victoria Aletta and Gabriele Memoli

Produced by: Wos Up

Fashion Stylist: Francesca Bertini

Makeup Artist: Silvia Gerzeli

Light Equipment Service by Wayout Studios

Special Thanks: Nicole Bono, Laura Nicolelli Fulgenzi, Tenuta di Monaciano e Staff