The music video for the single RINASCITA, available on YouTube, shows the tortuous journey of a delicate rose petal. Raised wild among the white rocks of the Apuan Alps, the red rose leaves a part of itself, the petal, which is dragged downstream leading to an offshore. The entire video is a clear allegory for the beauty of human fragility, temerity and confidence when dealing with adversity and drastic changes. RINASCITA confirms Paolo’s ability to represent humanity through his music and the images evoked by said music.

RINASCITA is the choice that, by definition, excludes all others. It is the risk that this choice entails, but also the confidence with which it is to be taken. Musically, this ideal path is realized with an element that, presented at the beginning of the track and after exploring it in its various angles, finds an intense growing at the end – its decisive transformation.


Directed and edited by Giacomo Di Luise and Gioacchino Magnani

Production: The Red Box Studio

Executive Producer: Paolo Cognetti

Fashion Designer and Stylist: Erica Marigliani

Artwork: WOS-UP