Leila + Morris • Paolo Cognetti


Fear leads to destruction, but courage leads to liberty. Central question: Will Leila overcome her fears? What’s at stake: her independency.

Leila + Morris tells the story of Leila Evans, a young girl suffering adult nyctophobia, and her seemingly terminally ill lover, Morris. He has convinced her to flee from home and together they embark on a trip, with the sultry heat of Spain as their sole companion.

The few sentiments stronger than their obsessive love are their fears, resulting in a destructive co-dependency, which only seems to gain force as they near their destination.

After sealing their fate with a mysterious pact, the question remains if these lovers can sacrifice their devotion for each other, conquer their fear, and regain the chance to live?

“Till death do us part” has just taken a whole new meaning…

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