Ludovico Vignaga, founder and director of INTORNO LABS, a Barcelona-based company
specialized in immersive sound technology and spatial audio tools, is a dear friend of mine. And I was there when he started to cenceptualize what eventually became Intorno: I vividly remember our conversations in the “cantina” (how many happy memories…) when we were both attending Berklee Valencia. That’s why I was “on cloud nine” when, I could score their nice presentation video for the company’s 5th anniversary! I hope you enjoy it!

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INTORNO LABS is a company specialized in immersive 3D audio technology and spatial audio tools.

With our revolutionary approach, we are transforming the way people experience sound and perform music in physical spaces.

With our technology, immersive and spatial audio can be imagined anywhere. Entertainment venues, museums, flagship stores and interactive exhibitions can find endless inspiration for new projects and concepts.

For us, sound spatialization is a new form of art and it’s at the core of our design. DJs, composers, technicians, performing artists and creative studios can finally create dramatic spatial effects with unprecedented ease.

In celebrating our 5th anniversary this year, we wanted you to learn about the conception and evolution of INTORNO LABS from our founders Ludovico Vignaga and Luigi Castelli and from members of the team Esteban Andres Gómez, Giulia Silvestri and Maiya Jazwierska.


Video by Mind the Film

Music by Paolo Cognetti

Additional footage by Pier Concari Herrero, SAE Institute Barcelona

A special thanks to Mutek ES, Mutek MX, BASE Milano, LapSus Barcelona, Music Innovation Hub, Sonar Festival, MIRA Festival, SAE Institute Barcelona, Heroes Futurissima, Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, Vasava Studio, Berklee College of Music, CCCB, IMS Ibiza, Francesco Bergomi, Albert Domingo, Marco Rostagno, Daniele Scarano