Mare Monstrum, Verso Luce

For narrator, orchestra and electronics

In April 2015 there was a terrible boat disaster in the Mediterranean Sea: more than 800 people lost their lives while ¬†running away from wars and extreme poverty. And it was just one of the many similar tragedies of the year. I felt I had to do something and, since I am a musician, I decided to write a composition focused on the migration issue. A few weeks later I learnt about the international composing competition “Concorso 2 Agosto” and thought it was a very good opportunity to make my idea come true. I immediately got down to work, finished my piece in a couple of weeks and sent it over anonymously to the board of judges. Ten days later I was awarded with the second prize: it was a great joy to know that my little contribution to this important cause received such an honor.

Mare Monstrum, Verso Luce has been awarded with the second prize of the international composing competition “Concorso 2 Agosto”

Mare Monstrum, Verso Luce from Paolo Cognetti on Vimeo (from RAI5)
Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Interview (ITA)
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